Detroit Zoological Society Humane Youth Award

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The Detroit Zoological Society’s Humane Youth Award recognizes young people who embody the Berman Academy for Humane Education’s commitment to walking softly and treating the Earth’s creatures gently. At the same time, it provides them opportunities and resources to continue their great work and inspire others to do the same.

Nominations are open through April 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Nomination Form

  • Nomination Process

    To nominate a young person for the award, please complete the following form:

    Nominees must be under 18 years old at the time of nomination. Nominees must live in Michigan.

    Examples of actions that may qualify a young person for the award include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Standing up for an animal in need
    • Raising awareness about an issue affecting animals
    • Solving a problem that could harm animals
    • Teaching other people how they can help animals
    • Living life in a way that does the most good and least harm
    • When it comes to helping animals, even a seemingly small action can make a big difference!

  • Selection Process

    As nominations are submitted, a committee of DZS staff will review them.

    Award recipients will be notified no later than two week after the nomination deadline.

  • Humane Youth Day

    Award recipients will be invited to Humane Youth Day at the Detroit Zoo or Belle Isle Nature Center. At the event, they will be recognized for their achievements and receive a lunch, presentation, tour, personalized award and more! They will also be recognized on the DZS’s social media pages.

  • Past Winners


    Henry Plummer, a 10-year-old animal advocate from Negaunee, Michigan, is our first Detroit Zoological Society Humane Youth Award winner. Henry was nominated for the award by staff at SASHA Farm, a sanctuary and safe haven for farm animals in Manchester, Michigan. They were so impressed by Henry’s commitment to protecting wildlife and engaging his community to join his efforts, which included a birthday fundraising campaign for SASHA Farm.

    In addition to his support for SASHA Farm, Henry maintains a vegan lifestyle, engages his friends in animal advocacy and raises money for animal welfare organizations. He is helping people help animals, which is the mission of the DZS’s Berman Academy for Humane Education, as well as this inaugural award. The DZS, along with many of Henry’s references, see so much potential in him, and know that he will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of animals in the future.